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Pretty Print Ideas

Pretty Print Ideas || Uniform Frames

Written by Joanna on Saturday, 20 April 2013. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Wall Display Ideas

I'm working on decorating my home - getting those files off the computer and up on the walls!  Sometimes there are too many choices!!  A series of uniform frames fills a wall with large scale impact and allows you to display lots of favorites!  If using color photos, display a series from the same photo session.  Black and white prints would allow a mix of sessions.  Mix detail shots with candids of smiles for a great collage.  

photos found on Pinterest are credited to: atlantahomesmag.com, mylovelythings.blogspot.com, and cupofte.blogspot.com

Pretty Print Ideas || Large Scale Wall Canvas

Written by Joanna on Friday, 08 February 2013. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

How to Hang Prints on Your Walls

You've received your disk of images and are overwhelmed - what to do with all this??  Amber and I love to meet a couple and see their home.  This gives us an idea of a couple's style and what type of image would work in their home.  Cassia made a point to emphasize her apprication for a more modern look.  (You can see more photos from Chris and Cassia's wedding here and here.)  I love the idea of a large scale print!  The limited wall space in my home prevents me from doing this but I'd love to see someone take the risk and go overwhelming large scale!  

Large Scale Print


Pretty Print Ideas || Large Wall Hanging

Written by Amber on Wednesday, 18 July 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

New TLP Print Product .......

I have been dreaming of this print product for some time now.  And I am very excited to get it started.  This product is custom made, Your choice of size, color and many different designs to choose from. It can be in style of a Plaque (as seen below)  or as a Frame. (coming soon).  I'll be posting many more pretty print ideas for this product soon! If you are interested in a "in home" consultation or ordering this custom print product be sure and contact us .

I have always loved this picture of my husband and I at our engagement session. I've been wanting to so something special with it for a while now with one of our favorite bible scriptures. And of course I wanted to use our new print product in my home. I love how it came out and makes me smile every time I walk by.



Pretty Print Ideas || Vintage Frames

Written by Amber on Saturday, 26 May 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

For the Walls

Today I was experimenting with some specialty edited prints.  Layering images, the brides bouquet with a romantic photo, sweet text, and textured washes . . . Pair the print with a lovely frame and it would look great in a vintage styled room!

Pretty Print Ideas || Prints

on Friday, 18 May 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Favorite Faces and Memories

I've been frustrated lately with the lack of photos on my wall and by that pile up of digital files that hasn't seen the light of day!  Well I finally did something about it!  I love so many styles that sometimes I can be a bit indecisive.  I've been unable to decide what photos I'd like displayed HUGE on the wall.  I am certain I want to hang something gigantic but haven't quite committed to a shot yet . . . so in the meantime I've filled my home with small prints.  They are tacked and tucked into all manner of little spaces!

When I first stripped the Christmas card holders of all the holiday decor and replaced them with photos of our favorite places, family members, and events - my boys were thrilled!  They'd stop and point photos out to friends and talk about old memories.  Amber shared something she'd read with me "Your children will know you love them if you take the time and effort to hang photos of them everywhere.  It tells them they are important to you without you having to say it."  This is also a cute way to keep your engagement photos displayed or your wedding day candid shots - seeing them will remind you of your love story's beginning. . .


Pretty Print Ideas || Thank You Cards

Written by Joanna on Wednesday, 11 April 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Photo Card How To (Part. II)

Despite How To advice and tips, creating a photo card collage can still be a tricky task!  You might just give up and ask "Will you please design my card for me??"  Why of course!  To quote Chick-Fil-A "My pleasure!"

The first step is to narrow down an assortment of favorite photos.  We'll use that collection to create a sampling of card designs.  We might supplement a few complimenting photos to support your main photo choices.  These additional photos will usually be details or whatever is needed to balance your card design.

After receiving your sample design you don't need to choose only one.  You can choose a design for Grandma and her folks - the traditional headshot!  You can choose a second design - more candid or modern - to send to other friends.  Check out the thumbs up shot below - how can you not be happy for this couple??  Too cute!  Candid shots like this can be very sweet on a photo card.  Don't limit yourself!  Choose what makes you smile and remember that special day.

Pretty Print Ideas || Photo Card How To

on Monday, 09 April 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Senior Graduation Announcements & Invitations

We recently shot a photo session with a very accomplished high school senior.  The locations choosen were personal: we shot at ASU where she'll be attending next fall and the ball field was one she played at during her high school softball career.  Though the wind made it feel like we were in Kansas (Toto where are you??) we managed to shoot quite a few photos!

When I sat down to throw a few sample cards together it was flash back to Christmas time!  So many families (moms!) sit down to put a card together and at this time of year, there are families designing Senior Graducation Announcements and Invitations.  I'm hoping this How To will be helpful the next time you are faced with a project!  TLP does complimentary card designs for any session we shoot - we always enjoy playing with the photos and seeing them in beautiful print!

Tips for creating a photo card:

  • Choose a color scheme - usually by pulling colors from the photo.

  • If your photo session featured an instant favorite shot - one you want to show everyone! - don't feel pressure to throw a collage of 5 photos on a card just because you can!  Showcase that showstopper with a single photo card.  Just picture the impact of that one large photo on the refrigerator!

  • If you like too many photos or want to show off several looks, choose a card template that is not fussy, busy, or too colorful.  Let it be simple to avoid the hodge podge look.

  • In a multi-photo layout, decide which photo is most important and choose the other photos to support or compliment that main photo.  Don't make them compete or you'll minimize the WOW of the main photo.

  • If using multiple photos - don't make them all close up mug shots.  Variety is good!  Mix a close up with a full length shot with a detail or mid-range shot.

  • Skin tones change so much under different lighting conditions and with different editing techniques.  Be wary of placing different tone photos side by side.  The most impact would be to have one color photo near a black and white photo.

Final test - look closely at the design and ask the most important question! "How will this look on the refrigerator??"

Pretty Print Ideas || Photobook

Written by Joanna on Wednesday, 21 March 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Wedding Photobook

Presentation is huge.  Think of a pile of photos strewn on the floor verses a beautiful wall arrangement.  One is overwhelming, the other has impact.

I'm more of a heap the plate with spagetti kinda cook however my friend's mother really focuses on presentation.  That plate is not leaving the kitchen unless it's cut, squared, garnished, and drizzled with sauce!  When it arrives at the table you get a feeling someone spent time making an effort just for you.  The effect is always pleasing.  That's why we all love those fancy restaurants on date night - it's special.

So many times we've seen wedding pictures reduced to a random pile uploaded to facebook.  I love spending hours designing albums.  It really helps remove the other distractions of that day and really display the parts that count - the circle of friends helping, the beautiful details, the snuggles and embraces, the romantic ambiance of the reception, the laughing smiling guests . . .




Pretty Print Ideas || Beeswax Collage

Written by Joanna on Friday, 16 March 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Wonderful Walls

Confession time.  (We'll be doing a lot of this around here!)  It's time to fess up and face the grim reality of digital photography and the disks of files it produces.  There is nothing on the wall.  Nothing.  Nada.  Just files on the computer that never live to be ripped, torn, faded, or seen by the light of day.  That's a cryin' shame folks.  There are so many lovely options out there!  We'll try to share these with you so we can gingerly branch out past the standard Walmart 8x10.

Amber makes a lovely vintage beeswax mixed media collage.  You can see an example on the Pricing page.  The one below is a portrait with a scripture.  These are so customizable and unique.  Displayed on a crowded antique sideboard or hung alone in the center of a large empty wall - it's a sweet soft way to display a photo.

Amber helps you choose a photo that is enhanced by this treatment.  It doesn't work well for all types of photos but something a little quirky, a little fun, a little less than traditional works perfectly!  Even a set of photos - a close up detail of your wedding flowers, or the native desert texture of your wedding location, or a soft profile, etc - so many images can combine to make a wall grouping that is as decorative as it is personal.  No need to hit the galleries!  Just dig into that disk of files and use those photos in ways that aren't hot off the presses but labored over by hand the good ol' fashioned way!