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on Friday, 18 May 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Favorite Faces and Memories

I've been frustrated lately with the lack of photos on my wall and by that pile up of digital files that hasn't seen the light of day!  Well I finally did something about it!  I love so many styles that sometimes I can be a bit indecisive.  I've been unable to decide what photos I'd like displayed HUGE on the wall.  I am certain I want to hang something gigantic but haven't quite committed to a shot yet . . . so in the meantime I've filled my home with small prints.  They are tacked and tucked into all manner of little spaces!

When I first stripped the Christmas card holders of all the holiday decor and replaced them with photos of our favorite places, family members, and events - my boys were thrilled!  They'd stop and point photos out to friends and talk about old memories.  Amber shared something she'd read with me "Your children will know you love them if you take the time and effort to hang photos of them everywhere.  It tells them they are important to you without you having to say it."  This is also a cute way to keep your engagement photos displayed or your wedding day candid shots - seeing them will remind you of your love story's beginning. . .


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