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Tender Look Photography has rebranded and moved to a new website!  (I left this old site up because I'm sentimental that way and love to flip through old photos for a trip down memory lane!)  The new site has fresh look but the same love of natural photos - documenting wedding days,  capturing family relationships for gorgeous wall prints. . . Visit Joanna Joy Photography to view current pricing, recent weddings, and tons of helpful wedding planning advise on the new blog!

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Written by Joanna on Wednesday, 11 April 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Photo Card How To (Part. II)

Despite How To advice and tips, creating a photo card collage can still be a tricky task!  You might just give up and ask "Will you please design my card for me??"  Why of course!  To quote Chick-Fil-A "My pleasure!"

The first step is to narrow down an assortment of favorite photos.  We'll use that collection to create a sampling of card designs.  We might supplement a few complimenting photos to support your main photo choices.  These additional photos will usually be details or whatever is needed to balance your card design.

After receiving your sample design you don't need to choose only one.  You can choose a design for Grandma and her folks - the traditional headshot!  You can choose a second design - more candid or modern - to send to other friends.  Check out the thumbs up shot below - how can you not be happy for this couple??  Too cute!  Candid shots like this can be very sweet on a photo card.  Don't limit yourself!  Choose what makes you smile and remember that special day.

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