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Pretty Print Ideas || Beeswax Collage

Written by Joanna on Friday, 16 March 2012. Posted in Pretty Print Ideas

Wonderful Walls

Confession time.  (We'll be doing a lot of this around here!)  It's time to fess up and face the grim reality of digital photography and the disks of files it produces.  There is nothing on the wall.  Nothing.  Nada.  Just files on the computer that never live to be ripped, torn, faded, or seen by the light of day.  That's a cryin' shame folks.  There are so many lovely options out there!  We'll try to share these with you so we can gingerly branch out past the standard Walmart 8x10.

Amber makes a lovely vintage beeswax mixed media collage.  You can see an example on the Pricing page.  The one below is a portrait with a scripture.  These are so customizable and unique.  Displayed on a crowded antique sideboard or hung alone in the center of a large empty wall - it's a sweet soft way to display a photo.

Amber helps you choose a photo that is enhanced by this treatment.  It doesn't work well for all types of photos but something a little quirky, a little fun, a little less than traditional works perfectly!  Even a set of photos - a close up detail of your wedding flowers, or the native desert texture of your wedding location, or a soft profile, etc - so many images can combine to make a wall grouping that is as decorative as it is personal.  No need to hit the galleries!  Just dig into that disk of files and use those photos in ways that aren't hot off the presses but labored over by hand the good ol' fashioned way!

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