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Princess Posts

Princess Post || Baby Sister goes Bad

Written by Joanna on Tuesday, 07 May 2013. Posted in Princess Posts

Children's Lifestyle Photography

I'm trying to raise a little lady - honestly I am - but despite my best efforts she is undoubtedly influenced by her 3 big brothers!  Baby sister can open a can of whoop like no'body's bizness.  Shooting out the ceiling fans is second nature for these two buddies. (yes that is a sword tucked in the back of her t-shirt - cuz when you run out of ammo you need a plan B!)  PS None of these images were posed - literally shot fast from the hip as the war zone broke out.

Princess Post || Swinging in the Trees

Written by Joanna on Saturday, 20 April 2013. Posted in Princess Posts

Just a regular day for my little monkey - she could swing through the trees for hours!!

Princess Post || En Plein Air

Written by Joanna on Thursday, 21 March 2013. Posted in Princess Posts

Children's Lifestyle Photography

Part of a girl's education used to include music and the arts.  As spring starts to peep through winter, I spied out my kitchen window two artists painting en plein air.  I believe the final project was a portrait of a zombie - not sure where that inspiration came from but the rendering was amusing. :)

Princess Post || Carry Me Please

Written by Joanna on Thursday, 07 March 2013. Posted in Princess Posts

I put up a little fuss and insisted on dragging the family out for a hike for "family time".  I spent the first bit of the walk yakking on the phone with Amber and my husband giving me looks - like "you drag us out here for a walk and then you spend all this time on the phone???"  Note to self - turn the phone off.  Leave it at home. 

My choice of hike location was a bit of a dud - I was expecting a bit of spring green but seriously only encountred drab grey yucky hide-the-bodies-behind-that-bush type of landscapes.  Urgh.  However, I did get to see a bit of darling.  My big boy rescued little sis from scratchy stickers.  Knight in Shining Armour - way to go Isaiah!  Then prissy princess had to ride on Dad's shoulders.  Not sure if her dainty feet touched the ground much this hike . . .

Princess Post || Docternarian

on Sunday, 03 March 2013. Posted in Princess Posts

Children's Lifestyle Photography

First her daughter was getting a makeover, then when I returned to the room, I saw potions being created.  I asked what she was doing and she replied she is a "docternarian!"  Well.  I'm a proud mama.  A "docternarian" in the family - what an accomplishment!!

She patched up her daughter and dragged her outside for a photo.  The latest craze in this household, much to my dismay, is photobombing.  Sheesh.  I was telling DJ to get out of the picture, but Eliya announced he could stay because this was a "family picture."  So cute!  I think they crouch because I do?  not sure why but it had me laughing!  

Next she drags some chairs to the sidewalk saying she wants me to do a portrait of her and her daughter.  That set up is promptly photobombed by obnoxious brothers.  Yes, there are monkeys in every family.