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Farm Wedding Inspiration Shoot

on Saturday, 26 May 2012. Posted in Weddings

Sunnybrook Farm Wedding Style

We're both guilty of hosting weddings on Pinterest.  I think I have weddings planned in at least 6 colors!  Last fall our love of details and vintage got the best of us.  I don't remember what the original starting point was - maybe the vintage Mustang, maybe Sophie's darling veil, maybe a craving for strawberry shortcake. . . We teamed with Sophia Sarten and staged a wedding inspiration shoot.  Amber's brother and sister-in-law had an elegant evening wedding and were willing to shoot a fun daytime session for us as an anniversary celebration.

A kindly older couple gave us permission to use the front portion of thier ranch for this shoot.  Finding country green in Phoenix is always a challenge!  The funniest part of the day was seeing them sit on the porch, watching hordes of people stage a fake wedding with no guests on their front lawn.  Too silly!  How odd we must have looked!

Once Amber found that farm location, Sophie pulled together a summery color scheme of yellows, blues, and reds.  Amber, with her history as a wedding florist, incorporated the yellow color pop into a super cute billy ball bouquet and a sweet blue boutonniere with button accents. Sophie added farm details - hay bale ceremony seating, tin can flower holder on the backs of wood slat chairs, ragged ribbon streamers and garlands. . .

The hit feature of the warm late summer day was definitely the ice cold strawberry lemonade!  Sipped from barber pole straws they were very refreshing!  Sophie's newly wed husband and a few friends chipped in - moving hay bales, laying out place settings, and reading fake menus.  I was hoping we'd have some of that grilled chicken . . . maybe please just for a photo op?  Nope - just cake and lemonade.  Jackie Austin created not one but two delicious shortcakes!  Maybe she forgot they were only for show and there were no guests, but she made them so yummy we couldn't stop munching!!

The "bride" crafted a lovely little heart garland - a pretty accent to our theme!  I embroidered my first little heart on the groom's bow tie.  Amber's son stood in as ring bearer.  I always tease her - he is the cutest vintage little boy ever!  Norman Rockwell come to life!  (The groom secretly paid him for his cooperation in M&Ms.  That's just what uncle's do!)  On a side note, I"ll work for shortcake, lemonade, and M&Ms too.  Any day.

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