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Vendor Interview || Levine Machine

on Monday, 09 July 2012. Posted in Recommended Vendors

Event Venue Recommendation

Everyday is location scouting day for photographers.  It's always been my whine that we have to struggle a little harder to find great locations here in the barren desert with little history.  Fortunately, Arizona continually proves me wrong!  Great stuff is everywhere!

Driving out to the hike at Rio Salado this past Saturday morning, this gorgeous graphic wall caught my attention.  One the way back, we made a point to swing by and grab a few photos.  I was lucky enough to meet the building owner Micheal Levine.  He gave me a quick tour of this building.

The outside property is available to photographers for a shooting fee.  You can view additional information about the property and contact Mr Levine at Levine Machine.  When shooting at a wheat field recently, the local farmer shared a story - he lost 16 acres due to fire.  People visiting his property without permission has caused the damage.  Please be respectful of property owners.  Gain permission before shooting at any location.

This building is available for weddings as well.  I'm not sure if the snake would lead the congo at the reception? but that might be fun!  For brides looking for a location a little less generic than a local hotel or resort, this building has so much style!!

The Blog at levinvemachine.com features video showing the install of the wall and the making of the snakemobile. The Downtown Phoenix Journal has an interesting video on the saving of historic warehouses in downtown Phoenix.

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