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The Beautiful Game

Written by Joanna on Sunday, 29 July 2012.

Personal Photo Challenge

I'm not a purest - I'm fine with soccer in a gym - I'll take A/C over grass any day!  The one drawback though is the lighting - a huge photo challenge.  I've avoided it all season but finally on the last game I had to at least try to take a few.  My son has enjoyed playing so much I wanted to snap a bit of that.  My challenge:  A gym with a ceiling a gazillion feet tall, low light, and then throw in soccer playing kiddos.

Soccer is not the easiest sport to shoot - football (my personal fav) is great.  You can anticipate what's going to happen (esp. if you know the team and players) plus there is contact and a clear line of action.  Basketball - just focus under that hoop.  Soccer - it's tough to capture the kicks and passes and near misses!  I'll get more practice - the plan is to sign up for another league this fall!

It's so cute how much he enjoys this.  He suits up at least two hours before and literally counts down the days until his next game or the hours until practice.  I was very impressed with the head coach of this program.  Very involved with all the kids, kept it fun and fair.

We were short a few kids so coach played today.  DJ scored two goals - I captured neither.  (Fail Mom Fail!!)  After the goal, instead of flashing me the huge grin, he turns with his teammate and runs down the court ready to do it again.  Sheesh.  He began the season hanging back a bit.  At home, he's a mad man playing his big brothers.  He plays with so much attitude most home games end up someone in tears (usually him cuz big bros retaliate with force).  With this team it took him a few games to get comfortable and involved.  Shooting this like a wedding - it was a marriage of enthusiasm and awkwardness, skill and confusion, and of course all fun and games!!

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