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Rustic Family Portraits

on Friday, 14 December 2012.

Scottsdale Family Photographer

Ask my husband, ask my partner, ask my kids - I'm a collector of chairs.  Odd chairs, vintage chairs, and especially little chairs.  Facing the time crunch of the holiday season but wanting to prioritize and invest a little for my family, we went ahead and did a family portrait this year - hauling out a collection of chairs to a rustic field. (Yes there was freeway access and a few No Trespassing signs but we'll pretend we were in the beautiful pines of Northen AZ not off the access ramp of the 101!)  

I think it really helps a photographer identify with clients by going through the work of finding decent clothes (within budget) and scrubbing a pack of children so they are presentable.  It's not easy!  Many families view portraits as a hassle.  It does take effort but the results are worth every bit of effort!  

My husband and I had attended a parenting workshop.  There was a big emphasis on "family identity".  Making your children feel part of something special.  Take the time to let each child know how important they are to you - not just individualy but also as a whole - as a family.

PHOTO CREDITS for the group photo go to a friend (featured in the last photo)  Amber wasn't feeling well so we brought along the boy's buddy.  I handed him the camera and said "push this button."  :)  Thank you Johnny!!  

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