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Rio Salado || Urban Hiking Pt.1

Written by Joanna on Monday, 09 July 2012. Posted in Arizona Hiking

Hiking Tips

In a previous blog post, I had visited a new location.  Deserted and eery in the middle of a dust storm, I hadn't ventured too far.  This Saturday, I walked the trails with a friend.  We used to hike the Maine woods together with no fear.  Since then my buddy has become amazingly citified!  This hike was surprisingly deserted.  I expected more traffic on these trails.  We walked for maybe 2 hrs and only saw two transients under the bridges.  My recommendations:

Stay away from bridges.

Don't hike this alone.

The bike trails are great. (though a bit boring on foot)

The rocky paths by the water are more fun (but you might go to focus on some sunflowers and find someone in the bushes!)

Remember the bears are as scared of you as you are of them.

Don't sleep in.  Hiking from 8-10 in July is not advised. I don't care how much coffee you had.

Wear sunscreen.  Always.  Those freckles that are "angels with umbrellas protecting you skin" need help sometimes.

Socks prevent blisters.  This is a known fact.  I don't care if your toes are claustrophobic.  Wear socks.

A yummy breakfast erases all discomfort.  Three cheers to Joe's Breakfast Dinner.

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