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Pool Time Summer Time

on Tuesday, 26 June 2012.

Strange Fact:  I don't know how to swim.  Why not?? Well, I grew up in the frozen north.  The lake would thaw for maybe 2 months and even then it was very cold!  well it was swimable for crazy people but mostly too cold for my chicken heart!  (On a side note - my sisters enjoyed ice fishing . . . I never understood that!  Sitting in the cold waiting for fish??)  So happy to live in Arizona where all the pools are heated and the only ice fish see is at the meat market!

As a parent, I've made it a point to be sure my children grow up knowing how to swim.  This little guy is almost there.  He's at that awkward stage where he keeps his face down the whole time so can only swim as long as he can hold his breath then he stops.  We're still working on it and spending as much time in the water as possible!

My friend laughs at me when I try to coach him. "How can you teach him how to swim when you can't swim??"  Well, I can quote enough instructors "red light green light kick those legs!" "let me see some superman arms!"

*for those of you who think Eliya always takes a cute picture.  Ha.  Here's the little stinker with the cheeso "my mom is a photographer" smile.

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