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Tender Look Photography has rebranded and moved to a new website!  (I left this old site up because I'm sentimental that way and love to flip through old photos for a trip down memory lane!)  The new site has fresh look but the same love of natural photos - documenting wedding days,  capturing family relationships for gorgeous wall prints. . . Visit Joanna Joy Photography to view current pricing, recent weddings, and tons of helpful wedding planning advise on the new blog!

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Written by Joanna on Tuesday, 07 May 2013.

Apache Taxi

Today I got to mix my two jobs - Apache Taxi and Tender Look Photography.  My husband does graphic and IT work for Apache Taxi.  The fleet is so often on the road we didn't have photos of the cars.  I was asked to shoot a few pictures at the yard.  Functional and practical but not scenic . . .  I grabbed the keys to a Prius and took a spin around Tempe.  Don't laugh - it took me a several minutes to figure out how to start the car!  Then I was slightly terrified someone would flag me down for a ride - I'm not exactly sure what to do with the meter . . . ha.  I need to stick to the office!  

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