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My Little Pony Party - a How To guide

on Sunday, 18 November 2012.

Happy Birthday Mikki!

Amber, TLP photographer and fellow theme addict,  threw a My Little Pony theme party for Michela.  Eliya was invited and I was inspired to take a few notes.  (see additional details and read more about the party on Amber's website www.twopeasinapodphotography.com)

My Little Pony Party Tips: 

Have your talented mother draw a retro pony for "Pin the Tale on the Pony"

Hang rainbow colored streamers and ballons EVERYWHERE!

Buy several spools of rainbow ribbon and go wild.

Have your talented sister-in-law craft an adorable rainbow pin for the birthday girl.  It'll bring magic to her smile. :)

Invite giggly friends who happen to love games involving sugary donuts.

Be sure these friends think Frutti Loop necklaces are just fab. (cause they'll start the day by making their own . . . and end the day eating it!)

Search pinterst for rainbow foods - no "rainbow" is not a food group but fruit skewers will work just fine!

Finally, haul out the camera and enjoy the cuteness and magic of being 4!  

PS Michela was very much the little lady - greeting guests at the door, sharing her toys, giving hugs good bye, saying her thank yous, and overall topping the sweetness charts.

Happy Birthday Mikki!  Thank you for letting me come to your party!

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