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Make a Wish

on Tuesday, 26 June 2012.

Event Photography

So I don't get ruby bracelets and dinner at the Buttes for my birthday anymore (that was so 4 kids ago!!)  This year my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  I don't like the birthdays to be all about getting, I'd like my kids to learn to give a little.  I said "I'd like you and the kids to make me a cake."

I'm at work and get a call.

"Where do I find the oil?"

"By the stove."

"That's Canola Oil, I need Vegtable Oil."

"Humm, honey, it's the same you can use canola."

"I have to put 1/2 cup oil in this??"  (surprise and disgust in his voice.  he's been dieting and eating a lot of salads.)

"Yes, that's where the calories come from.  You knew that right?"

A few minutes later, another call.

"How long do I cook it?"

"Babe, it's a mix.  It should say on the box."

"Oh.  Ok.  But I need toothpicks."

"You can bake a cake without toothpicks."

I maybe should have warned him to let the cake cool before frosting it. . . Nope.  It was more fun this way!  Better then any Tammy Coe or Sprinkles creation.  That would have been too easy!  I think this will be a new tradition.  Nothing could have made me smile more!  I had been expecting the kids to make it.  He grills, makes omelets, roast chicken, etc. but apparently this was his first cake. :)

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