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Creations in Cuisine Catering

Written by Joanna on Saturday, 15 October 2011. Posted in Recommended Vendors

Arizona Wedding Vendor Review - Caterer

Some of you attend a wedding and regardless of the beautiful flowers or designer dresses or lovely emotional speeches, you walk away judging the wedding a success or not based on the quality of the food.  You know who you are!  A foodie or a food snob or just someone who values a yummy dinner plate.  I'm partial to a great meal myself.  I read My Culinary Canvas faithfully and don't skip meals - and yes chocolate can be a meal!  This weekend's wedding dinner exceeded expectations.  Wedding food can be dry and flavorless.  I've never catered a wedding but I understand the challenges involved - a large crowd, time schedules that don't run on schedule, less then ideal prep conditions etc.  Creations In Cuisine Catering did a wonderful job.  The table set up and food presentation was top notch and thoughtfully laid out.

This was an autumn wedding and the food stayed in season - down home comfort food.  I'm not a food critic and can't label all the flavors but the shredded beef was not shredded beef.  It was butter.  Literally melted in your mouth.  The pork with cranberry chutney was flavorful and the ceaser salad tangy.  The carrots were perfect - not bland and limp - but sweet with a bit of crunch still in them.  What's not to like about mashed potatoes? if they are creamy with dill and a great gravy it's easy to eat too much!  Did I mention we enjoyed dinner?? We did.  I would recommend Creations In Cuisine Catering to anyone.  We were too busy eating our food to take a picture of our plates - visit their website for photos and more information.

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