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Behind Every Bush is the Boogie Man

Written by Joanna on Tuesday, 19 June 2012.

Adventures in photography

I was browsing a blog and a location was mentioned.  Well, location scouting can take hours of work - either aimlessly driving around or panning google maps is hopes of spotting something green.  That's how we do it here in AZ - waaayyy too hot to be cruising around for hours trying to find a patch of green lawn.  Yeah yeah we like to pretend we live back east where things actually grow.  It's sometimes a very hopeless effort but folks love a portrait with trees in it so we can't always do edgy urban buildings or sunset deserts.

Anywhoo I grabbed my camera and headed out.  Hot on the trail of what might prove to be a good lead.  Investigative scouting here we go!  I hit the freeway - it's an hour before sunset, I'm thinking I'll get some pretty light.  haha.  not so fast.  Do you know what a haboob is??  Yuppers.  A huge dust storm.  The wind is blowing and the sky is very very dusty.  I'm not quite in the center of the storm but it looks purty ugly.  I persevre.  I'm on the road anyway, might as well check this place out.

I wasn't raised with a TV in our home and horror movies where not considered family entertainment so I've led a pretty sheltered life.  However, I have read the newspapers enough to be convinced that dead bodies are always in the river beds.  Drug lord kills - on the river banks.  Murdered bodies that need to be hidden? sure, the river bed.  Perfect hiding spot.

Today's location, the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration area, was creeping me out.  There was no one there but me.  Long grasses blowing in the breezes.  Very windy, deserted, and full of bushes, a dark dusty sky. . .  Once while visiting the Rio Grande, we were walking by the river.  Suddenly the bushes moved and someone who had been sleeping/camping there stepped out.  Now I see folks popping out of bushes all the time.  I think I'm just super jumpy and protective of my camera.  Seriously, I don't care about my safety but if you try to touch my camera . . . uh uh.  The Restoration area is close to downtown and not the best part of town so I was aware enough to be careful where I wandered.

I did see enough to perk my interest and will definitely go back for a hike/walk with family or friends to explore!  There looked to be quite a few trails and lots of pretty green areas.  Potential for sure!  Below is a peek under the bridge and the junk yard across the street . . . the restoration really stands out in contrast!  What a wonderful makeover project for a neglected piece of land.

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